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of patients respond positively to wearing Neurolenses


of patients indexed suffer from the painful symptoms of eye misalignment


increase in productivity when wearing Neurolenses

Relief is in sight

Neurolenses correct eye misalignment to restore naturally comfortable vision.

Small prism corrections can provide dramatic relief. Historically, however, measuring prism accurately has been a huge challenge for eyecare providers.


Ahhh for their eyesTM

Become a Neurolens provider and dramatically improve your patient outcomes and practice success.

The demand on our eyes are greater than ever and as many as 80% of adults experience the painful symptoms of eye misalignment.

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Eye Strain

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Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Dry Eye

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Light Sensitivity

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"Neurolens has helped me feel like I am helping patients. They come in over and over again telling us their success stories. This is why I went into optometry, to help people see better.

Now I am helping them see better and relieving symptoms that people thought there was no solution to. I am the happiest I've been with my career in the last 12 years."

-Landon Hagberg, OD

Amanda Nanasy OD

N3 is such a great patient experience. I walked into the exam room to patients that were actually excited to talk about vision solutions—Neurolenses and beyond!

Amanda Nanasy, OD

Dr Brenda Montecalvo copy

Patient flow is a top priority in my practices, but N3 fit seamlessly within our existing processes. And having N3 in every exam lane created an environment where every OD was walking directly into a conversation with an engaged patient, every time!

Brenda Montecalvo, OD